About us

Using our products, you will start to understand what it’s really like to practice like a pro.

ProPractize was founded to help you understand just how important it is to know where you spend your practice time and how much.

We realized that there must be one app for coaches and one app for players which then can work together.

Players and coaches are in every way dependent of each other and ProPractize is here to help players get more out of their coaches and for coaches to be able to help their players better.



by Golf Professionals




High level of competence

Our golf experience helped us to develop this quality product.

With experience from both coaching and playing on a professional level we know what golf players need, we know what golf coaches are looking for in order to help their clients succeed.

Our knowledge is the base for both our apps, everything from golf drills that improve your skills to coaching plans that create structure in your training.


Working with ProPractize
5 years
Golf Coaching
10 years
Professional Golf
15 years

Guaranteed results

Better cooperation between the golf coach and the player will lead to results.

International experience

The app can be used by coaches and players all over the world.

Easy to get started

The apps are easy to use and you´ll be up and running in no time.
Industry's leading experts

An app that can change your golf forever!

ProPractize’s mission is to facilitate a platform which eases the joint work of golf coaches and golf players.