- For Golf Players

The purpose of the 21 is to improve your chipping by encountering the same situations as out on the course. It forces you to focus since every shot it important in this drill.

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30 min
Equipment needed
2 balls per person

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How to do: 21

1. Find a fellow golfer to play with.


2. One of the players chooses a hole to chip to and a location to chip from. The player choosing also decides if they take a drop or place the ball. The player choosing hits the first chip. Then it’s the opponents to hit his chip trying to get closer to the hole. This is repeated one more time since the players will have 2 balls each.


3. The goal is to be the player who gets 21 points first. Points are earned by hitting chips closer to the chosen hole than the opponent. The ball closest to the hole earns 2 points and the ball second closest earns 1 point. If a player makes a chip directly in to the hole that player earns 3 points. If the opponent then also makes a chip in to the hole he/she doubles the points, getting 6. If a player fails to hit the green the player is penalized by getting -1 point.