One Leg Med-ball

- For Golf Players

This exercise will strengthen your legs. It will improve your balance which will give you a much more stable swing.

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20 min
Equipment needed
Medicine ball

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How to do: One Leg Med-ball

1. Find a 4-6kg medicin ball. Grab the medicin ball and stand on one leg. Bring the ball up over your head and keep a slight bend on the knee, just like the person in the picture above. Try to keep the knee bent throughout the entire exercise.


2. Throw the ball on the ground using your arms and upp er body to create as much speed as possible. Let the ball bounce (if possible), then catch it and pick it up over your head. Perform this motion 8 times balancing on only your left foot. Then do it 8 times balancing on your right foot. Repeat 4 times on each foot.