Par, Birdie, Eagle

- For Golf Players

The idea behind this drill is to understand the importance of being accurate on mid-range putts out on the course when they really matter. It improves your focus, competitiveness and much more.

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30 min
Equipment needed
3 pegs, 1 ball

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How to do: Par, Birdie, Eagle

1. Choose a hole on the putting green and bring three pegs and one ball. Place them at the distances 2m, 3m & 5m. The 2m peg symbolizes a par putt, the 3m a birdie putt and the 5m an eagle putt.


2. Start at the par putt. If you make it you get a par(+-0) and if you miss it you get a bogey(+1). Move on to the birdie putt. Make it and you get a birdie(-1) and if you miss it you get par(+-0). Finally move on to the eagle putt. If you make this putt you get an eagle(-2) and if you miss it you get a par(+-0).


3. Repeat all three putts in this order until you get to a score of -10. If you get a score of +10 you lose and have to start over.