Perfect Rotation

- For Golf Players

Perfect the rotation in your back swing and down swing using this drill.

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10 min
Equipment needed
Alignment sticks

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How to do: Perfect Rotation

1. Bring four alignment sticks. (You can also use 3 clubs and 1 alignment stick.) Place two of the sticks on the ground as shown on the picture above. 1 stick should be parallel to your range mat and the other should be placed pointing out and to the right with an angle of approximately 45°.


2. Take a third alignment stick and stick it through the two front belt loops on your trousers. Take the fourth alignment stick in your hands and bring it to your chest as shown above.


3. Now, rotate back as you would in a normal swing. The goal is for the alignment stick connected to your trousers to be parallel (45°) with the alignment stick on the ground that is pointing out and to the right. The alignment stick at your chest should now be at 90°.


4. Then, swing through in slow-motion. Let the alignment stick in your trousers start turning first, and then let your upper alignment stick catch up. Finish this drill with both sticks being parallel to the front alignment stick laying on the ground.