The Clock

- For Golf Players

The purpose of The Clock is to get the same feeling of competition as you get out on the course. It improves your focus and helps you make those important putts within 10 feet.

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20 min
Equipment needed
1 ball, 12 tees

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How to do: The Clock

1. Place 4 tees around a hole each three feet from it. Place 4 more tees three feet behind the previous tees, six feet from the hole. Finally, place 4 more tees three feet behind the previous ones, 12 feet from the hole.


2. Start by one of the inner tees, from three feet and hit the putt. If you make it you move one to the next, moving clock-wise.


3. The goal is to make all 12 putts in a row. If you fail to make any of the putts, you start over from the beginning.